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Advanced Dentistry Costa Rica, is a well known dental practice in Costa Rica that is starting to get international recognition. When we started this project we were looking to build a dental clinic based on excellence and high quality treatments. When a patient starts searching for full mouth reconstruction, dental implants, or cosmetic dental treatments, we want him or her to find a comprehensive dental care clinic that can answer two important questions. How? and Where?

Today's dentistry can give a patient many options, including different materials, different brands, as well as treatment options.
Patients have the right to find a place that gives them the best dental implants brands and the best restorative materials in cosmetic dentistry.  But most important is that our specialists they are capable of performing the most current treatments.

In Advanced Dentistry Costa Rica every doctor is trained in different areas of dentistry specialities. Our professionals were trained in Foreign Universities, including Latin America and the USA.

Technically, Advanced Dentistry Costa Rica is one of the few clinics in Costa Rica that has its own dental lab, were we work with all the modern materials. Our dental ceramists are highly well trained in all the cosmetic treatment options. We are also one of the very few clinics that have a surgery room, in which we perform all implant surgeries at a hospital level quality utilizing all the latest improvements in technology.

All this makes Advanced Dentistry Costa Rica your best option, not only because we have one of the most current dental clinics in Costa Rica, but also for our high training and experience.



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Freses, Curridabat from Fidelitas University 400m south, 200m east

Phone: (506) 2234 6707

Heredia, from northeast corner of new Hospital San Vicente de Paul, building NAOS, 2nd floor, office #12
Phone: (506) 2562-8935



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